José Flakorojas

José is an artist that has been practicing and studying Yoga for over 20 years. He has been teaching people of all ages and physical conditions. At the same time he has developed his career as a dancer, this has allowed him to deepen his own practice as well as support and complete his yoga classes in a different way such as adding acrobatics, relaxation amongst others in order to benefit the body and make it capable to realize any activity, from a simple walking on a street to any acrobatic movement, the body will be
ready to act thanks to the correct physical education given during the practice.

“The classes I teach are part of a training that involves mind and body techniques for any one who needs to improve general conditioning.
Classes are 99% practice.
Realizing sequences of stretching, strength, sustained effort, balance, coordination and breathing, every person will manage and understand the function of its own body in a very organic way in order to reach deeper postures and movements that create physical health. This comprehension makes the training an effective, relaxing, joyful and essential activity.
You will feel Happy!”
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