Juliyana Sebastian

My name is Juliyana and I am a Srilankan, And I teach Classical Hatha yoga , vinyasa Flow, pranayama,meditation,chakra healing, chanting, children yoga, yoga for senior citizen.
I am a yoga instructor of TTC (RYS 200 hrs) , ATTC (RYS 300 hrs).
My experience and knowledge was gain from Shivananda lineage Clasical Hatha yoga (Kerala,India), Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga vinyasa ( Maysoor,India), Babaji kriya Yoga ( srilanka), Simplified kundalini Yoga (srilanka), Brahma Kumari Raja Yoga (srilanka). Other technique of Vipasana meditation.(srilanka/Netherlands).
Hatha yoga is a Intense ascetic practice for physical and mental purification through a sophisticated physical system that contain in depth knowledge about the subtle body, along with Pranayamas, that which purifies the right & left hemisphere of the brain and allows the energy to flow though the spinal code removing all the blockages of accumulated imprints of impurities and negativities.
It is a scientific art of mankind to understand and to get connected to oneself and a path to self-realisation.
My religion is Love & Truth
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