What is DO IN? 

Well there is no straight answer to that question as DO IN has several features. So we point out the most important ones:

DO IN: Japanese gymnastics

DO IN: free joints, free mind

DO IN: healthy joints, healthy body

DO IN: energy awakening


DO IN is derived from meridian shiatsu (auto shiatsu) and based on the yin-yang principles of Chinese medicine. This practice aims at balancing the circulation of energy in the body and strengthening the immune system.
The joints are freed by stretching, activating acupuncture points and self-massage.
The self-massage promotes relaxation, which allows the natural evacuation of stress. Accessible to all.

DO IN is specially designed to meet the challenges of our “busy” lives. This class is a haven of peace at the end of your week. A gentle blend of qi gong, yoga, zen shiatsu and mindfulness, it is an invitation to release the stress of the week, boost your immunity and glide gently into the weekend.