Brussels Yoga Pilates

yoga and pilates classes in the centre of Brussels

The benefits of yoga classes 

Yoga – build inner and outer strength by uniting the body with the mind through the practice of yoga postures, meditation and  breath work.

Practising yoga can be a great experience that is very different from normal fitness workout.

yoga improves your flexibility and strengthens your muscles. By doing yoga you achieve mental awareness and a sense of peace.

BYP offers a wide choice of yoga classes:

For beginners we recommend Hatha,Gentle Flow Yoga, Zen yoga, Yin Yoga

For more dynamic students we recommendVinyasa and Yin Yang Yoga 

Our teachers will show you how to strengthen your body with postures and movement and teach you how to train and focus your mind

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BYP offers the following Pilates classes 

Pilates for beginners/débutants: if you have never done Pilates before you should first take a beginners’ class to learn the basics. We encourage you to stay in the beginners’ classes until you feel confident about the the movements and the breathing technique.

Pilates all levels or TN (for tous niveaux): You feel confident already and you have learned the breathing techniques but you want to meet more challenge. All levels means that you decide how far you go in the exercise.  

Pilates intermediary classes: You have gone through the first two stages and you find you need more challenge and more muscular build-up,.

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Brussels Yoga Pilates also offers Reformer classes which are a challenging and intense Pilates workout. The reformer machines use resistance that targets specific muscle groups. You work out and strengthen your muscles. Training on reformers  increases your fitness level and also helps people with back pain who should strengthen their abdominal muscles.

The benefits of REFORMER CLASSES 

  • Working on the Pilates machines is an excellent complement to the mat classes, it is an in-depth workout
  • Beginners will quickly and easily understand the principles of the method
  • For the more advanced students, the method offers a greater variety of exercises and physical awareness.

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