Ana is a yogini in heart and daily practice. 
As a pilates and yoga teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner, mind-body connection is always an important focus of her work. Enjoy great stress release and a wonderful new sense of flexibility in her classes

José Rojas is an artist that has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years. He has been teaching people of all ages and physical conditions. At the same time he has developed his career as a dancer, this has allowed him to deepen his own practice as well as support and complete his yoga classes in a different way such as adding acrobatics, relaxation amongst others in order to benefit the body and make it capable to realize any activity, from a simple walking on a street to any acrobatic movement, the body will be ready to act thanks to the correct physical education given during the practice. You will feel HAPPY after his classes!



Sébastien has been practicing Hatha Yoga for more than 19 years. He graduated in Vrindavan, India, where his masters gave him the spiritual name of Ganesha. Passionate about self-improvement techniques and spiritualities, he takes care of all his students with empathy and comprehension and considers all of them as potential yogi(ni)s !


Naama became a Certified Pilates teacher by PSC institution in 2019. She believes that pilates does not just help to create a strong and flexible body, but also provides an opportunity to create body awareness and learn how to cure and avoid pain. As a teacher, she enjoys leading others in the process of developing an awareness of the body and love for movement. She is also a dancer and choreographer.


Join Sien’s Hatha classes to boost your energy or take a Yin practice to fully relax & recharge. Whether gentle or strong, her classes come with a dose of relativism, care and a centering chant at the end!

Yoga & meditation are essential elements of Sien’s day. Her practice and teaching focus on tuning into the balance between listening to what you need and challenging your body & mind to go deeper. 

Dancer and yogi,  Aicha loves to combine the methods to challenge body and mind. Her classes focus on flexibility and muscle strengthening. She speaks French and English during her classes, adapting to her students. She teaches Hatha yoga, stretching, barre au sol, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

As pilates teacher, Claire puts a special attention on the fact that each one is searching in his or her own body the logic of the exercices, so that the enjoyment of collectively and energically practising in the studio is combined with clear postural consciousness outside the studio. Claire studied the STOTT Pilates Method, where she found very precise, thoughtful, and solid knowledge to build her classes, focusing on body awareness, alignment, freer mobility of the spine and the limbs, and core strength. She also gives private Reformer classes.

Alexandra is yoga therapist. She has been teaching yoga since 2009. Her main profession is psychologist and she began her yoga way with Kundalini yoga, and worked a lot with mind, conscious and nerve system. She focuses on anatomy and physiology during her classes because very often people come to yoga with many problems. She studied yoga therapy and is a certified yoga therapist.
Annelaure est professeur de pilates, danseuse et chorégraphe.

Annelaure Lamarque is  a pilates teacher, dancer and choreographer.
Trained in contemporary dance and butoh dance in France and Japan, she continues learning the techniques of the body,  taking training of The Original Pilates in Studio Pilates dance of Paris. She is graduate from Original PILATES® by Mikael Pulcini, formed by Romana Kryzanowska, student and designated successor of Joseph Pilates.


Marilia will lead you in the discovery of pilates technique with a lot of precision and enjoyment, always keeping a light and fun atmosphere in the class.  See you on the mat! Marilia is a contemporary dancer and has been teaching pilates consistently in several studios in Brussels for more than 5 years. 



Lara has been studying the body through dance and different somatic practices.


Her Passion is Dance and its impact on our emotional and physical health. Her Fit’Dance classes will combine fun and exercise. A great experience as a training at the weekends.

Lara also teaches Reformer Pilates classes  to intensify the benefits of the usual Pilates training.


Silvana Suarez Cedeno is a mindful movement coach. The human body and its intricacies fascinate her. She enjoys teaching people how to move safely and to listen to their bodies.

Her continuous education includes Myofascial Release, GYROTONIC® and the Jumping-Stretching Board. She very much appreciates the Gyrotonic systems as it is a method that puts together all the mind-body movement techniques she works with. 

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