Dear BYP students,

in spite of CORONA  we do not want to lose contact with you and we know that especially during this hard lockdown period

you will need your yoga and Pilates practice more than ever.

To make things easier for you we have created


30-DAYS subscription at 25€

one class per day (non-refundable, no changes of dates). 



 (please respect our cancellation policy of 2 hours before the class so as not to lose your ticket) 

Support our teachers, they love their job and they miss their students very much. 

You can check our planning on Eversport to register easily.

We also want to point out that private classes are on offer on the  BYP schedule.

price: 65€  for 60 minutes

online payment of booking fee: 20€ (non-refundable)

On arrival payment of 45€ (in cash)

These classes should be booked 12 hours in advance, if not we automatically cancel them on our schedule.

Some Pilates teachers also offer private Pilates Reformer classes in great security, For more information check our website.

Our cancellation policy during the Corona period

early cancellations (up to 2 hours before start of class).

Your class will be credited back to your account.

Here some important information on how to book the zoom classes and get the link to participate at the class:

BYP prices during normal times

1-trial ticket 8€
only new client
5-tickets trial voucher 25€
only new client
validity one month
single class 17€
validity one year
5-ticket voucher 70€
validity one year
10-ticket voucher 129
validity one year
20-ticket voucher 238€
validity one year
5-ticket student(max 27)/unemployed/corporate rate 63€
please scan your document and send it to
validity 6 months
10-ticket student(max 27)/unemployed/corporate
please scan your document and send it to
validity one year


5-ticket trial voucher validity one month

student/corporate/unemployed 5-ticket-voucher validity 6 months (BYP holidays included)

All other tickets valid for one year (BYP holidays included)

Student, unemployed, corporate rate: you have to scan or take a photo of your document that justifies the reduced price. send it to Student maximum age 27 years. 

No refunds for ticket vouchers !!!

Prolongation only possible with medical certificate.

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