Dear BYP student,

because of the Corona situation we have to insist on online payments for the purchase of a ticket. Please choose your ticket voucher on our website or buy your tickets on your smartphone, install our Eversports App. Do not forget to send a scan or a photo of the document that qualifies for a ticket at reduced price. Send this document to Our accountant does the weekly check of these documents, so please make life easy for her:))

Cancellation policy during the Corona period


  • early cancellations (up to 24 hours before start of class). You can cancel class bookings up to 24 hours in advance. Your class will be credited back to your account. 
  • late cancellations (within 24 hours of start of class). We understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable – but cancelling late or not attending at all often stops other students from booking places in that class. If you cancel a class booking within 3 hours of the class start time, the class will not be credited back. 
1-trial ticket 8€
only new client
5-tickets trial voucher 25€
only new client
validity one month
single class 17€
validity one year
5-ticket voucher 70€
validity one year
10-ticket voucher 129
validity one year
20-ticket voucher 238€
validity one year
5-ticket student(max 27)/unemployed/corporate rate 63€
please scan your document and send it to
validity 6 months
10-ticket student(max 27)/unemployed/corporate
please scan your document and send it to
validity one year


5-ticket trial voucher validity one month

student/corporate/unemployed 5-ticket-voucher validity 6 months (BYP holidays included)

All other tickets valid for one year (BYP holidays included)

Student, unemployed, corporate rate: you have to scan or take a photo of your document that justifies the reduced price. send it to Student maximum age 27 years. 

No refunds for ticket vouchers !!!

Prolongation only possible with medical certificate.