Ana is a somatic teacher, butoh researcher and above all someone who keeps on studying, thinking and experimenting these subjects in relation with life.

After years of practice and teaching Yoga and Feldenkrais, she feels herself the need of a practice that brings her tonus and strength. Not being a fan of fitness and bulky muscles she found in Pilates a practice that could match her needs without creating an incompatible body with the practices already established, on the contrary: they are all quite complementary! Her first contact with the Original Pilates was with the great and attentionate teacher Anne-Laure Lamarque, who presented the method softly and mindfully. She went to study in Paris with Mikael Puccini, instructor of The Original Pilates and direct student of Romana Kryzanowska, who was student and designated heiress of Joseph Pilates himself.

Ana took her first Yoga class when she was 16 years old, and after that this practice continued taking a major place in her life. Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Asana Flow, Vedanta philosophy compose her background in yoga. Nowadays, with extended experience, study and discernment she devotes herself to the transmission of the tantric Yoga of Kashmir (or Shaivism of Kashmir) as transmitted to her by her teacher and friend Eric Baret. This teachings concern the Trika and Pratyabhijna schools, Abhinavagupta being one of the most prominent philosophers of Kashmir’s tantric tradition.

Ana’s yoga teachings are far from focusing in performative asanas and contortions, the asanas (postures) and breathing explorations are opportunities to question and investigate our functioning, leading us eventually to realize our peaceful and silent nature.


Ana discovered the Feldenkrais Method with her dance teacher, director and Feldenkrais practitioner José Maria Carvalho in Brazil in 2008. After years of practicing and noticing great improvement in movement, thought, self organisation and awareness, she decided to study with Mia Segal, MBS Academy founder and Dr. Feldenkrais' first assistant, collaborator and associate for sixteen years. Passionate about the method Ana continues learning and evolving learning from Mia and other teachers worldwide.



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