Marilia Silva

Marilia is a contemporary dancer and a Pilates instructor trained in Matwork - all levels in the Stott Pilates method at YMCA in London. Marilia didn't have natural facility for dancing, which led her to search for other disciplines that could help her development - that's when she discovered Pilates, a technique that deeply transformed her body, helping her develop body awareness, strength, movement precision and unmatched spine mobility. Having worked to overcome her own difficulties, she finds great passion in teaching from an affirmative perspective: we are not in the studio to be perfect, we are in the studio to learn and develop ourselves to the fullest. Results come in the doing and through the doing, and thus we can achieve our full potential through committed, thoughtful and focused exercise - with a great deal of generosity and humour, to make learning effective and fun :)

French, English, Portugese
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