Kevin Fay studied classical and contemporary dance intensively in Chicago, Illinois, USA. While training, he was introduced to Pilates by his mentor and teacher, Claire Bataille. Claire studied Romana's Pilates for many years and became an expert, inspiring teacher after a long career as a professional dancer with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. When Kevin completed his training with her in 2007, he retained his knowledge and love of Romana's Pilates, and he used what he studied in Chicago to lead group classes in Dayton, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and New York City, NY. Kevin carries his passion for wellness and physical fitness with him to this day as an instructor of Pilates mat classes that focus on alignment, endurance, integrity, breath, and strength. Kevin offers students clear, simple instruction according to the methodology outlined by Romana's Pilates, and he encourages everyone he instructs to take what Pilates offers them to grow according to what their body needs.
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