Kjerstin Lysne- performer, performance maker, and yoga teacher- born on the Great Plains of North America, lover and appreciator of vast, open spaces.
After completing my dance training at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in my native country (USA, 2003-2008), and the Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance in London (UK, 2007), I instinctively sought out yoga as a means to maintain and balance strength and flexibility. What began as a physical practice soon became a path to mental and spiritual health and healing. I trained to teach the transformative practices of hatha and vinyasa yoga with Kristin Cooper and Katie Lynn Serino at the Wilmington Yoga Center (USA, 2011-2012), and am currently a student in The School of Body-Mind Centering®- in the Somatic Movement Education Program of study- through Moveus (DE).
In my classes, I aspire to create a sacred space for deep encounters and explorations of body and self. I teach yoga as a practice of profound self-acceptance, encouraging my students to be present, honest, and loving with all on which this practice sheds its light of awareness.
One of my BMC teachers has taught me that “tissue takes time, the body takes time”, which inspires me to facilitate experiences that counterbalance the currently accepted pace of life, that allows us to slow down our experience of time, and open up formally inaccessible spaces within the body and mind.
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