Catherine Delasalle

Born in Paris , Catherine Delasalle has lived mulitples lives as a sheperdess in the pyrennes, bookseller, radio programmer, vegetarian cook , desert hyker..She’s a traveller . She has always been interested in poetry and music, in eastern philosophy and in movement. She met in the Feldenkrais method 30 years ago a way to make all these interests come together,and a way to accompany other people on a road to freedom from old patterns.
She followed the training and at the same time began a carrier as a singer. The Feldenkrais method has helped her to deal with an hereditary nervous sickness and to gain confidence in her ceativity.and her own voice. The last 20 years she’s has been giving a lot of workshops for actors, singers and musicians ( Lassaad school of theater, Studio Michael Tchekov and conservatorium ) and to a very large public.
Het interest is to help people towards more freedom of movement, authenticity and spontaneity.
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