Joscik Vandromme

Josick proposes a comprehensive approach based on yoga tradition, including philosophy, anatomy, postural practice, breathing and physio-energetic techniques, as well as relaxation and meditation.

Yoga came on her path some 15 years ago, and it gradually became her own life path, very naturally, like the air you breathe, like the sunshine, colouring everything that you do with vibrant light and energy.

She was lucky enough to receive a 500h teachers’ training from Belgian master Thierry van Brabant, who taught her how yoga can be used as a toolbox in each and single aspect of one's life. Since then she has never stopped studying, learning and training in more specialised approaches, and in particular yoga for children, prenatal yoga, yoga for back problems, Yin yoga, Yoga Wall as well as Prana Vinyasa Flow. And she enjoys sharing this knowledge, which comes enriched by her own experience and practice.

Her personal practice at home includes philosophical and technical study, as well as a daily discipline of nose cleansing, breathing techniques, yoga poses and a short meditation in the morning to make both body and mind fit for the day ahead. And every evening, the day is closed with a physical and spiritual practice – cleansing the mind, balancing the energy for the night and opening to the infinite.

In line with the founding principle of yoga, non-violence, she follows a vegan lifestyle (i.e. plant-based) – which avoids causing suffering to other beings, while offering a purer food for one’s body, a more equitable diet for poorer countries’ food security, and a more respectful choice for the planet’s health.

She’ll be happy to share all of this with you during and after the class, including some nutrition tips if you wish!

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