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Adept of yoga or pilates, we try and respect the following rules to keep the zen spirit f our lovely space:
* silence and introspection as much as possible (especially in the class)
* mobile phone free space (preferably off or airplane mode)
* arrive on time to allow the smooth start of the class
* even if you registered online please check in at the desk on your arrival
* its is advisable to be well hydrated before and after the class (preferably no drinking during the practice unless you really need to)
* practice on an empty stomach (no food at least 2h before the class), you will appreciate your meal even better afterwards
* you can leave your belongings and clothes in the changing room but take your handbag/purse with your to the yoga/pilates room (with all electronic devices off) as there are no lockers
* retain from wearing strong fragrances during the class
* clean and store your mat on the shelves after the class
* shoos free area upstairs
* no sugar in your herbal tea ;)