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Corona Virus and Yoga/Pilates
Dear BYP students,
Our centre will be closed during the time it takes for the Corona epidemy. All your subscriptions (abonnements) will be extended by the number of days we will be closed. If your ticket vouchers (carnets) arrive at their one-year expiring date we will also prolong them by the time we will have to stay closed. We cannot answer the question how long it will take to get back to normal again. So we cannot give more details. We hope that we all get through this difficult situation which teaches us that there are things we cannot control. Warm greetings,
your BYP team

Meet our teacher Sébastian

Sivananda teacher on Tuesday evenings 

5 bons raisons de pratiquer le Yoga Nidra

Cours à BYP tous les lundis soir
à 19.45 avec Elena

une extrait d'un article dans Esprit Yoga ou
voir aussi Blog de Florayoga

1/ Améliorer le sommeil 

2/ Prendre soin de sa santé

3/ Meilleure gestion du stress et des émotions 

4/ Lâcher prise 

5/ Se Régénérer

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Come with a friend/partner or find a friend/partner at BYP:))

Joelle will lead you into different 

postures in a secure, playful and 

relaxed space, using each other’s strength and flexibility to deepen your practice and connect with the others.

No prior knowledge of yoga is required. 

The class will be given in English/French. 


Saturday 28 March 2020

Saturday 25 April 2020

Saturday 30 May 2020

From 14h30 to 17h00 at BYP


30€ pp per workshop;