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Welcome to B-Y-P – your Pilates and Yoga studio in the centre of Brussels.

BYP offers yoga and pilates classes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our schedule is adapted to your daily routine, we offer classes at lunchtime and in the late afternoon. So during your lunchtime break you can relax and improve your body fitness, thus boosting your energy for the your afternoon at work. You can also decide to take a yoga or Pilates class right after work, before going home.

During Covid-19 restrictions  we offer zoom classes to keep you fit. Meet your favourite teachers and on the zoom screen. We encourage your participation with our competitive price scheme for zoom classes.

Zoom classes: 30 day-subscription one class per day: 25€

Drop-in zoom class: 5€

Stay connected with us. Support your teachers, they love their work.

Our teachers also organize private classes and reformer classes 65€ total cost. On reservation you pay a reservation fee of 20 € and then you pay the teacher on arrival.

How to register and sign up for a class: 
For your mobile phone please use our  Eversports App

For signing up on our website or on the Eversports App your first step is to register and create a password. You can then sign up for a class on our schedule and choose what type of ticket you want to buy online. At the moment only zoom subscriptions and drop-in classes are available.

Please note that during the Covid-19 period online payment is the only option we can offer.


How to sign up for class as a new student:

Covid-19 rules and summer schedule

Covid-19 imposes certain measures, thank your for your comprehension

- when coming to the centre please wear your mask
- désinfection for your hands is at your disposal
- signing up for a class is obligatory, we have limited space (we had to reduce the number of students per class)
- no payments at the reception, only online payments, on demand you can also make a money transfer from your bank account, please contact us by mail for this option
- you will have to bring your own mats
- for Pilates classes you can put your personal mat on our comfortable Pilates mats
- during Covid-19 cloakrooms are not at your disposal, try to come in your sports clothes for easy changing

Upcoming workshops

Sorry no workshops during Ovid-19

but  – hopefully – we will be able to organize workshops soon. We will keep you informed

Meditation at BYP - workshop
Aicha in our downstairs space
Yoga in the centre of Brussels
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Yoga with Ana