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Your help needed # outside space for Yoga and Pilates classes

Dear BYP students,

We are happy to get back in touch with you.

Perhaps like us, you have been a little confused, about the dos and don’ts during the confinement and now how to reconnect with our old lives and resume some of your activities like yoga and Pilates...

One thing is certain, your numerous emails show you miss us and your weekly practice of yoga and Pilates.

And rest assured that we at BYP are also very impatient for classes to get back to normal again !!

Unfortunately, we cannot reopen BYP for the moment as classes in closed spaces are not yet allowed ........yet….

We have therefore launched procedures to obtain authorization by the municipality of Brussels for outdoor lessons, at least during the summer.

A  reaction may take a lot of time given the number of requests, and to multiply our chances of finding solutions, I launch this appeal to all of you.

Do you know an outdoor space in Brussels that could be made available for us during summer: a garden, a courtyard, a plot or a covered hall ?

If you ever know any such place, then do not hesitate to contact us by email: byp.brussels@gmail.com

It would be used for Pilates and Yoga lessons (within the limit of an authorized number of students) during a few slots during the day (for example 2 hours at noon and 2 hours in the evening)

We hope to read, hear or see you again soon,

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